Relator terms export inconsistently in main/added entries $4 MARCXML


In v2.7.0, the MARCXML export shows that some relator terms of main and added entries export as the translation (Actor) whereas others as the value (dnr). See attached screenshot.




Maggie Hughes
February 27, 2020, 4:18 PM

For what it’s worth, my first guess was that the desired behavior here would be for the translation to export in the $4 because if it’s exporting the value then it assumes that other systems will translate the value. However, had asked that the value be exported, not the translation.

Kevin Schlottmann
May 22, 2020, 7:36 PM

For all agent relator information fields (1XX, 6XX, 7XX), I believe the correct export behavior for the ArchivesSpace MARCXML exporter would be $e for relator term AND $4 for relator code.

In AS terms, the controlled vocabulary Linked Agent Archival Record Relators (linked_agent_archival_record_relators) should map translation (relator term) to $e and value (relator code) to $4.

Individual catalogs will generally use one or other other, but since AS doesn’t know what the downstream usage would be, I’d recommend exporting both and letting the receiving system decide how to handle the data.

Alternately, if export of both value and term is not acceptable, the relator term should be exported in $e.

I’m writing this as a member of the metadata standards subteam, and note that while we’ve touched on this, this particular comment is based on my research.

Example of desired output:


Maggie Hughes
September 2, 2020, 5:32 PM

Your reasoning for exporting both the $3 and $e makes sense to me.

This would also be the desired approach for EAD exports – correct? EAD is currently (at least some of the time) exporting only the relator code in @role and is missing the relator term (which in this case should be “correspondent”):

Kevin Schlottmann
September 2, 2020, 7:33 PM

I believe EAD 2002 only has one attribute for this information (the role attribute), so I think the export template has to choose either the code or the full term. Unlike MARC, there is no room for both.

Here’s the persname description for LC: , which states this:

The ROLE attribute can be used to specify the relationship(s) of the name to the materials being described, for example, "compiler," "creator," "collector," or "subject."

Based on that, it seems like the role attribute in EAD should have the relator term.

Maggie Hughes
January 5, 2021, 6:02 PM

Dev Pri reviewed this ticket in our January 2021 meeting and is passing it with the solutions identified above by Kevin for both MARCXML and EAD2002 (see above for more detail):

  • MARCXML: export $e for relator term AND $4 for relator code.

  • EAD2002: role attribute should contain the full relator term.




Maggie Hughes