RDE issue – hiding columns causes the Level of Description column to disappear when adding new rows which offsets the remaining fields by one, i.e. they no longer align with their header


New rows added in RDE are shifted to the left by one if you hide columns: see screenshot.

To replicate issue:

  1. Open a resource record and click on Rapid Data Entry button

  2. Click on Columns: 33 visible button to hide columns. The columns that I hid:
    a. Basic Information - Other Level
    b. Basic Information - Component Unique Identifier
    c. Language - Language
    d. Language - Script
    e. Date - Label

  3. After closing the window, the remaining columns display as expected.

  4. Make the following fields sticky and fill in as follows:
    a. Level of Description => File
    b. Publish => add check mark
    c. Date Type => Single

  5. Turn of “View Inline Errors”

  6. Click on the green “Add Row” button and change the 1 to a 4

  7. Four fields are added, however the Level of Description field in the “new” rows has disappeared and the other not-hidden columns have jumped over one. So, for example, the Publish check box is now under the Level of Description column






Miloche Kottman


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