Name Records List is confusing


The title and description of the Name Records List is confusing.
Current description: "Displays selected name record(s). Report lists name, name type, and name source."
In my opinion, I see that the exported list is title "Agent List Report," which I think is more accurate. Since it is consistent with how person names are categorized throughout the staff interface, I think this is ok (but am also open to other ideas).
My problem with the description (or perhaps implementation of this report) besides the title is that it seems to list all name records, not selected names. I think this report should be more flexible. In my opinion, it should display a pop up window of all agents and a way to check a box to select all, hold shift to select a run, or check multiple agent records, and it should have all the data in fields that they can create templates to select and extract the data. I don't know that this report, as it is, is that helpful. It's too broad for scoping and not detailed enough for action.




Lydia Tang


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