Multiple ARKs are generated for the same record


Two ARKs are generated upon creation of a new resource, and then another each time it is modified and saved. Here are the steps to replicate:

  1. Go to staff interface

  2. Select Create > Resource

  3. Fill in the require fields, select publish checkbox, and Save

  4. View new resource (not in edit mode)

  5. Copy the ARK displayed in Basic Information

  6. Paste that URL into a new browser tab and press return. It should redirect to the PUI page for the resource

  7. Paste the same URL in a new browser tab but increment the number at the end of ARK, then press return. It redirects to the same PUI page for the same resource

  8. Back in the staff interface, edit the resource again, save i

  9. Paste the ARK URL into a new browser window but increments by two. Again, it redirects to the same resource (unless another record has been created/edited in the meantime.)

For example:

All redirect to:






Andrew Morrison