Who made this... information


As a repository manager, I would like to see more information on who made what.
On a basic search result view in the staff interface, I can see who created the archival object and who last updated it.

This would also be helpful when revising finding aids and looking at individual archival objects, as demonstrated in this basic mock up.

Of course, the line breaks and general location could be changed.
As a repository manager, I would also like to to be able to see an overview of archival objects of any hierarchy that a staff person created, similar to the current search results view, but just scoping by who created/updated records. This way, I can provide feedback on how they craft titles (particularly student and volunteers...). This is similar to but different because it’s not necessarily a report but a search function.


Christine Di Bella
July 20, 2020, 2:01 PM

It is already possibly to search/narrow by user who created or modified a record and audit information/who created or modified something is already listed in View mode of a record. Closing as redundant.




Lydia Tang

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