Reverse inheritance for agents and subjects on the PUI


I am submitting this on behalf of our one of our customers. They would like for agents and subjects that are applied at a sub-level below the collection level resource record to display on the Collection Overview page for the resource record on the PUI. They write: "I am interested in this feature so that we don't have to enter the agents again at the collection level, which is very time consuming, and creates a margin of error when information has to be re-entered. When the agent records do not appear at collection level, patrons will not see agents they might be interested in when browsing the collection landing page in the PUI, and when a MARCXML record is generated for ingest into our OPAC, the agents will not be included in that record, which will negatively impact patrons' search results."


Daniel Michelson
April 8, 2021, 11:24 AM

At the April 6, 2021 meeting of Dev/Pri, we decided to close this ticket as being too repository specific. Being able to assign agents to the most appropriate level of description is an important feature that would be adversely affected by this proposal.

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Anne Marie Lyons


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