Using decimal character references (for special characters) incorrectly exports to XML and PDF


Entering direct Unicode / precomposed (e.g., Åström) characters with diacritics – within the context of a Resource record, etc. – exports correctly in XML and PDF finding aids.

However, using decimal character references for diacritics (e.g., Åström) will display correctly in the staff and public interface (screenshots attached: original-sui.png and original-pui.png) – but the exports in XML and PDF formats do not display correctly (notes below).

1) XML: The XML interprets the & in the reference and transforms it to &
<did><unittitle>Åström or A&amp;#778;stro&amp;#776;m</unittitle></did>
(xml attached: MS.001_ead.xml)

2) PDF (staff interface): The PDF seems to take it character by character, and displays the provided character values:
Åström or A&#778;stro&#776;m
(pdf attached: job_4_file_4-SUI.pdf)

3) PDF (public interface): The PDF seems to strip the diacritics, whether precomposed or not, and displays:
Astrom or Astrom
(pdf attached: MS_001-PUI.pdf)


To take it a step further, I also imported the XML back into ASpace to test how the diacritic characters would be handled. This is how the text now appears in the title field, based off the XML generated by ASpace: Åström or A&amp;#778;stro&amp;#776;m
(screenshot attached: imported-record.png)

(Note: This was tested using the latest v.2.8.0 release. The attached files/screenshots were generated through the ASpace Sandbox.)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!






Christine Kim