Warn/log if spreadsheet info dropped


This is a feature request on behalf of a hosted customer's experience at Atlas that was further verified and discussed with Christine.

The scenario is for the most recent version of the spreadsheet and spreadsheet importer (2.8.1 as of this writing) wherein if an archivist includes extra information that will not be used by the importer, the validator nor log does not flag that the information will be dropped or is invalid.

Here's the specific-use case where this occurred:

We have a customer who already has some existing AOs with top containers in a resource, let's say those TC's are Box 1 and Box 2, no barcodes.

They were using the spreadsheet importer to bring in additional AOs and top containers, now with barcodes. They were adding file-level descriptions to the extant Box 1 and Box 2, and then continuing with new box info which will become new top containers.

Upon import, the Box 1 and Box 2 that are present in the spreadsheet match up and link to the Box 1 and Box 2 top containers that were already present in the record (which may not be by design, since how does the importer know this was intended if the first set have no barcodes?), but the _barcode _information for Box 1 and Box 2 in the spreadsheet does not get added to the extant top containers. All other new containers and barcodes get created as expected, no problem.

Christine and I discussed and agreed that the spreadsheet importer is only scoped to create new data, not to update extant data (i.e. it's expected behavior to not update the top containers with the new barcode info), so this ticket isn't that the barcode info doesn't get added, it's just that that info got dropped silently.

Since there is now a validator, I wanted to scope this feature request to be a request that the spreadsheet validator flag any data that is not going to be used rather than drop it silently, or, flag it as invalid, or, include the fact that something wasn't used in the post-background job log (which is probably the easiest action to take and at least a record that something did not occur).




Valerie Addonizio