Digital Objects in the PUI only display *one* file version even if more than one published file version exists


I think changing this behavior would require additional work around digital object file versions and how those are implemented, as well as how those are displayed in the PUI. There would also need to be migrations for existing data.

Use Case
We have a digital object with a derivative - ie a wav and mp3. One could list this as two digital objects, but in reality they are both different file versions of the same object. The expected data entry would be to enter the two formats as different file versions. If both were to be made available to the public, you would tick off publish for both. However, even though you can enter the data this way, the display in the PUI does not support this.

Ideally, I think that each file version should be available for display with each object able to record a display thumbnail, rather than the 'is representative' + xlink attribute method used now.

This is the culprit as far as explicitly limiting to one DO:
This bit of code:

calls this bit which explicitly limits the number of file versions that can be displayed as it accumulates all of the data from the file versions into one object.




Joshua Shaw