Visual cue for materials that have been digitized


This ticket is splitting off one of the asks of ANW-1157.

Want a clear signpost – an icon and/or a badge that says “digital materials available” or similar – whenever archival object records with associated digital objects are displayed.

The visual cue should occur in search or a browse contexts, within the “collection organization” view, and in the tree view of the hierarchy.

The visual cue should occur at each level of the heirarchy that contains a digital object (collection, series, file, item) – inherited from lowest level.


John Rees
March 5, 2021, 7:13 PM

included the below reference image in a User Group post back on Nov. 3, 2017. I never found this example in the real world, but is something we’ve been trying to work towards.

Sort of an enhancement of the Harvard digital object pill idea: and[]=public+health&op[]=&field[]=keyword&from_year[]=&to_year[]=&limit=digital_object&page=2

Maggie Hughes
March 2, 2021, 6:30 PM

Dev Pri reviewed in our March 2021 meeting and decided to split off the second “ideal outcome” into a separate ticket to move it forward.

Dev Pri determined this needs a wireframe. Tagged Usability sub-team (cc: ) as they may be able to assist with this. Usability, I tried to pull everything needed out of the original, but please edit the ticket as needed! The original ticket included a references to Duke's implementation of ArcLight as an example. Also want to include a link to as the suppressed tag in the mock-up may be of use.




Maggie Hughes