EAD and OAI-PMH may be pulling from wrong fields for <agencycode> and <agencyname>


Potentially the ead.xml and oai_ead are pulling from the wrong fields to populate <agencycode> and <agencyname>.

Here's the encoded information in my ead.xml export and oai_ead feed.
<agencycode>US-TCU</agencycode><agencyname>Special Collections</agencyname>

Here's the data as viewed in my staff interface.

It seems to be the EAD (in xml and oai-pmh) should read as follows.
<agencycode>TCU</agencycode><agencyname>University of Tennessee at Chattanooga</agencyname>

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Cory Nimer
May 2, 2019, 9:06 PM

In terms of the name used in the EAD exports, it seems the issue may be based in part on local implementation decisions. In cases where an institution only has a single repository, or where each repository represents a separate institution with its own organization/agency code, then placing the name of the institution in the Repository name field would resolve the issue. However, when an installation uses multiple repository records to represent internal subdivisions of a single institution with the same organization/agency code (with the overall institution recorded in the Parent Institution Name field) then the EAD export may not act as expected.

Taking a documentation-based approach, the tool-tips may need to be adjusted to state that the name of the institution should be placed in the Repository Name field (e.g., "University of Tennessee at Chattanooga", or even "University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Special Collections") rather than just the repository name.

Alternatively, there could be some sort of conditional logic to the exports where, in cases where multiple repository records have the same organization/agency code value, the Parent Institution Name value is pre-pended to the Repository Name value in the EAD3 <agencyname>, <publisher>, and <repository> fields (EAD 2002 <publisher> and <repository> fields).

As for the organization/agency code value, as noted, the issue noted was a difference between the EAD 2002 DTD and schema. In the DTD, the mainagencycode attribute value did not include the country code, while it was prefixed in the schema. However, since ArchivesSpace does not export in the DTD, this should not require any changes. It was also noted that the EAD schemas do allow an OCLC- prefix in the EAD 2002 mainagencycode attribute or EAD3 <agencycode>, but this would require a separate field in the repository record for a OCLC symbol (https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/ANW-666) and the the ability to configure exports.

Lydia Tang
September 6, 2019, 8:01 PM

is this something either of you could double-check on, or do we need someone on Dev. pri. who can? Is this still an issue? Prepping for Dev. Pri.

Laney McGlohon
September 18, 2019, 3:48 PM

I think this is something that the Metadata Standards subteam should answer, not me or .

Daniel Michelson
October 8, 2019, 12:44 PM

This ticket was discussed at the October 7, 2019 Dev. Pri. meeting. The subteam concluded that there was still insufficient information for us to identify a clear solution to this issue. A number of possible solutions have been suggested, but Dev. Pri. does not have the technical expertise to choose between them.

Elizabeth Roke
January 19, 2021, 6:36 PM

The Metadata Standards subteam discussed this ticket at the January 11, 2021 meeting. We recommend not making any code changes and concur with others on this thread that this is a documentation and not a code issue.

<AgencyName> is working as expected and we suggest that users who wish to have a different agency name amend the data in their repository record(s) to add a parent institution if desired (i.e. in the case above “University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Special Collections”). The contents of this field are a local implementation decision dependent upon how institutions are structured and we didn’t see a way to put extra logic into the code to achieve the requested change that wouldn’t be overly complicated and error-prone.

<AgencyCode> is behaving as expected (adding the US prefix to the agency code for validation purposes) per the note from on this ticket. The addition of the country code is necessary for the EAD export to validate in EAD3.

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