As an archivist, I would like the reorder mode to require fewer clicks/steps


While the new "reorder mode" is a little easier to control, it also requires a lot more steps/clicking.  First you have to click to put it in the reorder mode, then you have to select the item, drag it where you want, and then click to indicate whether you want it before or after the selected spot.  When I have a lot of new archival objects to insert within a long resource record, this becomes extremely tedious extremely quickly.  I think it would be easier if you made it always put the moved item either above or below the selected destination by default.  Then, for any fine adjustments that need to be made, provide up and down arrow buttons to move a selected item up or down the list at the current level, and a right arrow to make something a child and a left arrow to promote a child to an (adjacent) sibling. These arrow buttons should all be displayed when in reorder mode, so that you don't have to click on a menu to see them.  The point is, make it possible to do something useful with fewer clicks.  [perhaps misunderstanding – documentation need]




Lydia Tang
September 20, 2017, 4:37 PM

Not only does it involve more steps, but it also is more visually confusing (in my opinion). I would like to be able to select line or lines (using shift+click) by clicking anywhere on that component, not just the far left side of the line (which is extremely difficult for some people to see because it's small and has a very low contrast). It doesn't seem to be obviously possible to move multiple lines currently, which is a major problem if you're trying to create a nested series. It's also visually confusing because when you drag a component to the new destination, a window pops up to confirm where to add the moved component but it doesn't confirm what destination line had been earlier selected. At this point, I miss the straightforward moving and dragging of the earlier version, where I wonder if the arrow as the user dragged it could just have been increased (very much so) in size? Otherwise, the destination line should be clearly highlighted and the commands of *B*efore, *C*hild, or *A*fter should have a corresponding keyboard shortcut for speed. Instead of Enabling a Reorder mode, what if moving components was prompted by a "Save?" at the end that could be quickly selected by pressing "Enter"? (I am curious to know how others feel about this). Having the Reorder mode "on" doesn't save any extra time, since it automatically saves after each move (which also takes up more time) and I often forget to turn it off. I also still think there should be an option to "undo" the action by using Control + Z.




Laney McGlohon