As a repository manager, I would like to distinguish between our MARC organization code and our OCLC organization code in my repository record


Currently the repository record includes a field for Organization/Agency Code, which some places are using to record a code from the MARC Organization code list, and others are using for an OCLC organization code. For better precision and usefulness in exports, it would be good to have two distinct fields, for institutions for whom the codes are not the same. This would mean adding another field to the repository record.


Lora Woodford
January 28, 2019, 6:52 PM

This looks good, but to start development I think some greater detail is needed to know which value should be used in which context. Or in what order (e.g. "Use MARC code unless MARC code is empty, then use OCLC code."). Or should this be configurable (e.g. always use OCLC code or always use MARC Org code)? Adding the field(s) to the form is trivial, but knowing what to do with them once there should be spelled out in greater detail.

Terra Gullings
February 27, 2019, 11:00 PM

How should the Organization/Agency code be used, and how to prioritize using MARC code vs. OCLC code when institutions use both?
and can you provide input/advice on this ticket?

Cory Nimer
May 2, 2019, 9:43 PM

It may be preferable to make this a configurable option for exports, with a separate field from the current Organization/Agency code. While either the Library of Congress or OCLC codes can be used in MARC exports, the use of OCLC symbols in the EAD 2002 mainagencycode attribute follows a slightly different process (, so that it shouldn't be recorded in the existing Organization/Agency code.

For example, in a repository record with a Organization/Agency Code of "UPB" and a country code value of "United States", on export in EAD 2002 the mainagencycode value in the file is "US-UPB". If the equivalent OCLC symbol were recorded in the Organization/Agency Code of the repository record instead, this would give us "US-UBY", which is incorrect. With an additional field for OCLC Symbol, it would be possible to get the correct value of "OCLC-UBY".

Based on the existing interface, it would seem that this would mean another option on the export dropdown, at least for the EAD and MARC options.




Christine Di Bella