As a staff user, I need to be able to see which other repositories are using an agent or subject


For agent and subject term cleanup, staff need to know which other repositories may be using a particular term. Editing, merging or deleting shared terms needs to be coordinated across repositories.

Staff would benefit from knowing which other repo uses a term, but do not necessarily need to know which specific resource, accession etc. For common terms like "Photographs" adding to the Linked Records list might not be helpful, since users would need to comb through many many results. For donor names, there may also be concerns about displaying information about which specific accession records are linked.


Lydia Tang
November 8, 2018, 2:51 PM

"Editing, merging or deleting shared terms needs to be coordinated across repositories." – does it seem like there should be a sort of "global" permissions level for these actions? I was trying to see if I could create a user group in the sandbox. I looks like it's hard to enable users global permissions for various tasks currently. Does this mean that a user group needs to be created in each repository and those users manually added to each respective permission group? Are there cases when some modification to the Agent/Subject should be only repository-specific, and it shouldn't be visible or shouldn't be linked to other repositories' views?

Nancy Kennedy
April 7, 2020, 3:09 PM

To clarify: what we mean is that “As an archivist, I should be warned if (and which) other repositories have linked to a Subject or Agent record before I make any edits, before merging and before deleting that subject/agent.”

Additional global permissions to control editing/deleting of shared records would definitely be welcome in addition! Either way though .. my goal is that archivist from repoA knows that they need to go to talk to archivist from repoB before deleting or editing a term. Without having to involve a sysadmin to look that up in the database …

Right now, for example, we had a staff member accidentally delete a Subject that was used in multiple other repositories. This resulted in the immediate removal of the heading from over 50 finding aids from the other repository – not only did ASpace allow the deletion, but there is no undo and no warning to the archivist that they were about to impact the other unit’s EADs.

Randy Kuehn
October 13, 2020, 1:43 PM

Dev. Pri. discussed this ticket and is recommending moving it to development - also needs a message including the specific repository using the resource




Nancy Kennedy