Observations of users, repository, and global preference behaviors


Conclusions of testing:
1. User preferences set the preferences for everyone. This is confusing because everyone can see the User Preferences option in their username menu, but unless the user is a system admin or has the 'manage repository' permission, they will get an error when they try to change their own user preferences.

2. In the case that the user has the 'manage repository' permission that gives the user access to the Repository Preferences menu: If there are User Preferences customizations, the Repository Preferences will inherit the User Preferences (with the exception of the Publish? checkbox setting). However, the user can then make additional changes to the Repository Preferences that will overwrite the User Preferences. These Repository Preference changes will only affect the specific user that made the changes.

3. In the case of system administrators that have access to the Global Preferences menu: The Global Preferences only apply to the specific user. Global Preferences do not inherit any settings from Repository and User Preferences, and they can also be overwritten by customizations made to Repository and User Preferences.

In short, anyone is able to make changes to User Preferences (most permission groups cannot) will set the preferences for every user in the repository. Anyone who is able to make changes to Repository Preferences can overwrite the User Preferences for their own user account.

Testing Scenarios:
- Global - sys admin
- Manager – manager permission group
- Archivist – archivists permission group

1. Global account – global preferences - set publish to yes and resource browse to identifier
- Manager did not see those preferences
- Archivist did not see those preferences

2. Global account – repository preferences – same/resource type
- Manager did not see those preferences
- Archivist did not see those preferences

3. Global account – user preferences – same/level of desc
- Manager did see those preferences
- Archivist did see those preferences

4. Manager account – repository preferences – inherited only level of description, not publish; added Language
a. When creating new resource record, publish box was no longer checked, even though it is a default in User Preferences
- Global did not see manager changes
- Archivist did not see manager changes

5. Global account – user preferences – added Publish column
- Manager continued to see repository preferences
- Archivist did see change

6. Manager account – user preferences – added restrictions apply
a. Added the new change to Repository preferences for manager
- Global did see change
- Archivist did see change

I tested these scenarios on the ArchivesSpace sandbox, v. 2.5.2





Sarah Morrissey


Anne Marie Lyons