Suggested Alerts


As the system admin, I would like an automatic alert to tell me:

  • When a new user profile is created and needs permissions assigned

  • When I am listed to review a completed Assessment

  • When end dates for restrictions arrive

  • When end dates for copyright arrive

  • I would also like to be able to create customizable reports, such as if collections with the status of unprocessed remain in that status beyond a certain date or it items have a status of “on loan” beyond an expiration date.

The alert should be an email to the system admin or designated “alert” person (such as for when the user is listed to review a completed assessment). For people with those permissions, it would also be great to have a colored banner appear in the dashboard view (Basically mocked up on top of Cherry Hill wireframe for the revised staff interface.

This is just a suggestion and there may be other use cases as well! Thanks for considering!




Lydia Tang

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