Physical Description note in resource records is listed twice on PUI


Physical Description note in resource records is listed twice in the Collection Overview section on the PUI, as shown in the attached screenshot. I spoke with ArchivesSpace team about this, and they advised to submit a bug report.

I thought this would be a simple change to the config file, but I'm finding that not to be true. In the config.rb file, I can't find any reference to the physical description note. When I do an "inspect element" of the PUI page, it references the inheritance section, but I'm not sure what to change since there's no reference to that specific note.

So I uncommented out the inheritance section from beginning until the section on composite identifiers. I added the section to define physdec. I then added the "skip if" clause. I cleared indexes and restarted ASpace. The physdec is now being expressed as inherited on the PUI.

In the \locals\public\en.yml file, I see the Additional Description information section that appears on the PUI page. I removed the Physical Description entry above it: - thinking that this would remove it from the PUI above that section, but it didn't work. I cleared the PUI index files before restarting ASpace to see the change.

I did a general search of that directory on the fragment "phys" which led me to additional files: three collapse.js files; the stylesheets folder; as-ead-html.xml - but I had no luck with any modifications that I made. Also searched inheritance.rb. The config.rb references: common/record_inheritance.rb, but I don't see this file anywhere.




Sarah Morrissey


Anne Marie Lyons


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