Ability to export an Accession record as MARC record


As archivists, we would like the ability to spawn a MARC record from an accession record. This is because we are losing important provenance information when we spawn an accession record to a resource record. The current workflow to create a MARC record, which can only be done from a resource record, requires provenance information to be re-entered into the resource record. By allowing a MARC record to be spawned directly from an accession record, we could skip the step of having to reenter metadata; furthermore, not every accession needs to have a resource record created (ie: a single volume), but all our accessions receive a MARC record so they can be put in our catalog.


Katy Rawdon
January 6, 2021, 7:47 PM

I’d love to see this happen, it would be incredibly useful for us - and for anyone who needs to create MARC records for materials that have accession records but not resource records. I’d be happy to do/collaborate on the mapping or any other work that would be necessary, if I’m able.




Anne Marie Lyons

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