CSV export/import to update locations


I made an error, creating duplicate shelves. I generated a descending list of shelves, but had to click the duplicates, only getting 10 to a page, then deleting them. When the page reloads, it pulls shelves from the next page, which means you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and check off the next couple of dupes, then hit delete again (which is only at the top of the page), then scroll to the bottom and click the one last dupe, then delete (top of the page), then advance to the next page.

If I knew that I had a bunch of shelves that need fixing, either deleting duplicates or adding in shelf profiles, or to make a minor change, it would be very helpful to go to a particular room or area, *download a CSV of everything I have in there, then be able to update individual fields, then upload that CSV again, overwriting all the errors. *

Along with the duplicate shelves, we are going to re-do our shelf profiles, so I will have 500 shelves to update in ArchivesSpace, 10 at a time.




Jill Sweetapple

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