Pretty print option for records in the public interface


As a user of the ArchivesSpace public user interface, I would like a well-designed print option for the following views:

So that I may choose the print option in my browser and easily print out the current page. I want this so that I may:

  • Share search results with a researcher or colleague who will want to be able to find these materials for herself and investigate further.

  • Have a record of materials that I may want to find on the shelves.

  • Provide context for archival materials on display in teaching.

  • Bring the results of my research with me when I know that I will be in an environment without internet access.

General principles:

  • Print views should compress margins and whitespace to the degree practicable to ensure fewest pages printed.

  • Views should prominently display container information when available.

  • When printing search results, showing the first set of search results for the default pagination is acceptable, but the total number of search results should be displayed prominently.

  • Implicit/web-actionable content should be made explicit (for instance, links should have the URL next to them) – this can be achieved using CSS generated content

  • All possible record elements that may be included in a given HTML view must also be included in the print view.

  • Hidden content should be expanded and included (e.g., elements included in the accordian view)

  • Each view should have a clear citation at the top (including a URL) so that the information can be clearly referenced and found again.

  • Filters should be excluded from print view.

  • Headers, icons, and other oversize image elements should be reduced in size.

  • Where possible, it would be advantageous to maximize context. Some contextual elements (like the archival object tree) may need to be excluded from print. In those cases, other elements that illustrate context (like the breadcrumb trail) should be emphasized.




Maureen Callahan