As an archivist I want to be able to record description, including titles, in multiple languages


Some repositories do parallel description for their collection materials (most typically resources and their associated archival objects, but could be digital objects and accessions too). For example, they have one version of the description in English and another one in Spanish. They would like to be able to do this within the same ArchivesSpace record, not have to create a separate parallel record.

This is currently not possible at all for titles. It is already possible to have multiple extent, date, or other sub-records. A user can also record multiple versions of the same note in different languages, though currently the only way to distinguish between them functionally is by giving the note a different label. For all of these, the system doesn't know which one belongs to which version of the overall description.

(While this Jira focuses on being able to record multiple languages, if this were implemented, it would, of course, be desirable/necessary to be able to distinguish between them for the purposes of exports and the public interface.)


Maggie Hughes
May 1, 2020, 5:23 PM

Dev Pri reviewed this in our April 2020 meeting. We’re keeping this in Awaiting More Info pending a specification. Thanks!




Christine Di Bella