As a public user, I would like digital objects to have breadcrumbs showing what collection they are attached to, not just repository.


Currently, the breadcrumbs for digital objects only show the overarching repository that the digital object exists in. If a digital object is attached to a collection or archival object, it would be very helpful to see the collection in the breadcrumbs as well to give the user context. It is especially confusing to see digital objects in search results and browsing without having that context immediately visible.

See attached screenshot for example of how digital objects currently show in a results list, as well as a screenshot edited to show a preferable display.


Daniel Michelson
March 9, 2021, 2:36 PM

At the March 2, 2021 meeting of Dev/Pri, we decided to pass this ticket with the change that the linked record(s) should be added after the existing breadcrumbs. This is to avoid potential problems for institutions using freestanding digital objects.




Michelle Paquette