Order of Notes and Subjects on Resource Record PUI Display


I wonder if there is support to fairly dramatically re-order the elements visible on a Resource record. For example, I think the ideal order for visible notes and controlled vocabulary terms should be Scope and Contents, Dates, Creator, Subjects, Related Names, and Biographical/Historical. Language of Materials, Conditions Governing Access, and Conditions Governing Use, and Extent should be moved to the Additional Description section of the expandable menu. I've attached a pretty terrible mock up that I hope helps illustrate this request. I think that very few patrons pay attention to the notes about language, access, use, and extent. When I'm teaching instruction sessions with our findings aids, I don't generally focus on our use and access notes. They're important, but I don't think they are something that need the primo real estate that ArchivesSpace gives them. In my experience, patrons are looking for information that will help them determine whether or not the collection is useful for their research and if the repository has similar holdings that might be useful for them. The addition of the Biographical/Historical note to the immediately visible content for a resource record is great, but ArchivesSpace could further enhance the user experiences by adding Subjects and Related Names to the default expanded information available on published Resource records.


Daniel Michelson
March 9, 2021, 2:38 PM

At the March 2, 2021 meeting of Dev/Pri, we decided to close this ticket as being too repository specific. We do appreciate the mockup though, very helpful!

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Carolyn Runyon