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The ArchivesSpace team is pleased to share the ArchivesSpace Technology and Development Roadmap with the community. This roadmap is a planning and communication tool to help the community know what to expect in terms of future development work and aid in planning for upcoming releases and application upgrades.  

The current version of the roadmap is attached to this wiki page (Excel file; download it to your computer or view in Google Sheets). A narrative (PDF; download it to your computer if you are having trouble loading it in your browser) that accompanied the January 2017 version of the roadmap provides some context and background.

The complete record for core code development is in JIRA.  This includes all completed development work (including all the work that was previously represented in Pivotal Tracker and migrated to JIRA in January 2015), current development work, work prioritized to be addressed in the near future, and work not yet prioritized. 

Starting in 2016, development work to be conducted by the ArchivesSpace Program Team and contractors will be prioritized by the Development Prioritization subteam in collaboration with ArchivesSpace Program Team members. The Development Prioritization subteam is composed of members of the ArchivesSpace User and Technical Advisory Councils.

Upcoming releases

See roadmap (Excel file; download it to your computer or view in Google Sheets).

Completed releases (notes for v.1.4 and later)


This patch release remedies an issue discovered in 2.0.0 in which the resource tree appears to become unresponsive. 


This major release includes upgrades to some of the underlying technologies of the application and performance improvements. The changes include upgrading to Rails 5, better performance for background jobs and larger databases, a new way to reorder components in resources and digital objects, and remediation of some issues with reports. Please see the release page for a listing of all the new features and bug fixes included in this release.


This patch release corrects an issue that caused the METS export for digital objects not to run.


This minor release includes a number of fixes for prioritized bugs and commits from community pull requests. Please see the release page for a listing of all the new features and bug fixes included in this release.


This minor release includes bug fixes and performance improvements, and addresses some minor layout issues in the staff interface. This release includes development work completed by our development partner Hudson Molonglo as well as pull requests submitted by members of the community. Please see the release page for a listing of all the new features and bug fixes included in this release.


v.1.5.0 and 1.5.1

These releases incorporate the enhanced container management functionality originally developed for Yale University by Hudson Molonglo (HM) into the core code of the application. They also incorporate the complementary location management functionality developed for New York University by HM. They also include a number of small bug fixes and feature enhancements. Please see the release pages (v1.5.0 | v1.5.1) for a listing of all the new features and bug fixes included in these releases. (V1.5.1 includes two fixes for issues found in v1.5.0: ensuring the correct version of Solr is packaged and making some changes to the EAD importer to ensure that valid EAD is produced when certain characters or encoding are present in notes.) The recording from the July 5, 2016, release overview webinar reviewing many of these features and the process for upgrading is available at



  • This release includes solutions to rendering and re-ordering performance problems that many users reported. These solutions were distributed in two release candidates in 
    August 2015 and received approval from several users.
  • This release also includes several new features: an enhanced interface to the LCNAF plugin that makes it easier to scan and identify authority records for import; ability to see how many times and where a controlled value term has been applied; ability to set a default order for notes in the resource and digital object modules; and the ability to record extent statements in the Rapid Date Entry template in the resource module.

See the ArchivesSpace GitHub release page for a complete listing of new features and bug fixes included in the most recent release and previous releases. Reports for sprints completed in 2015 are posted at

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