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  • AR-1646 and AR-1647 added to replace AR-838
  • Updates from HM
    • Changes have been made on both the staff-side and public-side in an effort to support VERY LARGE trees.  Going away from using jsTree, and will instead be doing something else to pre-load the trees as a user scrolls.
    • Updates have been made to enable the same sort of plugin architecture for the new PUI.  Not rolled back into the core code, but will be soon (already includes one plugin example.
  • Review of (or a new board, if we have one of those yet) for Sprint 2.
    • Sprint 2 will continue with the single-scroll view.  If any time permits for extra stories, those will addressed in order of the current planning board.
  • Other business:
    • next update for for testing group?
      • aim to have this updated by the send of Sprint 2.
    • Mark Cooper offered to create a sample plugin for the new PUI.  Christine will get back to him about plugin suggestions (though even just having one that allows EAD/MARC/etc. metadata exports similar to his plugin for the current PUI would be fantastic)
  • Next meeting?
    • February 2221, Tuesday, 3 p.m. EST.