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  • Hello from Colonial Williamsburg
    • attendees were very excited to see a brief demo of the new PUI!
  • Development updates (HM)
    • development freeze on March 17th (for the March 31st-ish release of version 2.0).
    • summary template view for the single-scroll view.  let HM know if there's anything missing from that.
    • mark cu. should make a few new stories 1628, but can probably close this one out since mark cooper has tested this out (but confirm with him)
    • mark cu. will add a comment about the default configuration file for inheritance. (mark cu. will test 1659 locally so that we don't have to change the configuration file).
    • mark cu. will ask william and mary about the new classification views in the new PUI.
    • won't tackle the PDF ticket until after the beta release. (release 2.1)
    • mark cu. can make the solr sorting comment into a new feature request.
    • mark cu. will set up a new email account so that we can test the new request feature and add that a comment to the ticket.
  • Testing and other questions
    • need to provide more feedback about the semantically-rich metadata added to the PUI
  • Anything else that we need to get done before development freezes for the the March-release?
    • nope, but the testing group can just add feedback as we encounter anything, and then HM will get back into development on the master branch on April 3.
  • Next meeting?
    • Monday, 3/20, 4 p.m. EST. (7 a.m. AEST)