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  • Review the current status of tickets at:
    • Sounds like we could have a couple different sort keys for the classification pages, so we'll investigate that and create a new story after talking with the Testers group.
    • Ideally the "request" feature should use the repository contact email address from the application if that repository has the feature enabled.
      • There's a preference to keep email addresses in the app, rather than config files, to make maintenance easier for staff / admins.
    • Mark Cu. raised a question about whether it would be better to have some sort of "donotreply" email address to send messages to patrons, rather than the same email address used by repository staff... but this might be better handled with subject-lines and the like, so the Testers group will discuss.
  • Other items?
    • testing update:  group will be meeting every other week again start this Wednesday (1 p.m. EST)
    • feedback for candidate release?
      • LYRASIS has a survey monkey account, so we might want to set up a short, directed survey to gather some last-minute feedback on some of the trickier default labels, 
  • Next meeting?
    • April 17th, Monday, 5 p.m. EST.