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  • Review the current status of tickets at:
  • Updates on PDF option, internal linking, embedded metadata features?
    • PDF feature is in design stages now. Sounds like we'll go with a JSON to HTML to PDF conversion process; users will provide an email to get a link once the file has been created; the files will be stored on a shared space, but will expire after a certain amount of time (which might be configurable); if the same file is requested and a PDF file is already available in the shared space, a new PDF won't be created, but the same link can be used (although i guess this each request would extend the expiration date?); whether to turn this feature on or off will also be configurable, but we expect that most folks will have this turned on by default.
    • Mark Triggs asked about the PDF format, and it sounds like we'll start with the current PDF output as a model, but the result need not be identical.
  • Development freeze timeline?
    • James mentioned that he was looking at 6/12 as a development freeze for the PUI, so this should line up nicely to make sure there can be a well-tested release ready for late June / early July.

Next steps?

  • Mark Custer will ask Illinois about the size of their classification groupings (i.e. how many total, how deeply nested, etc.)
  • 2.0.0 is going out tomorrow. There will be two releases: a production release, with the current (but now updated!) PUI; and a beta release, with the new PUI.
  • Next meeting is May 1, 5 p.m. EST