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  • Make sure you have practiced your script and executed the exercises you are going to demonstrate in your screencast in advance of the recording.  

  • Make sure you are presenting the features of the latest version of ArchivesSpace.

  • Record using a laptop or desktop computer (cell phone or tablet are not permitted as screencast recording devices).

  • Record in a room with no background noise or distractions.

  • Speak clearly and at a natural conversational pace (not too fast, not too slow).

  • Videos should be no more than 10-15 minutes long. If you find yourself going longer than this, it’s better to simplify your script than to speed up your speaking pace.

  • Remember that these screencasts are for a wide audience, so limit your use of terminology specific to your institution or showing off local practices that differ significantly from wider professional practice.  Your basic objective is to illustrate how the ArchivesSpace application works generally.