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  • Provide overall technical guidance and liaise with the Core Committers group as needed.
  • In collaboration with the Users Advisory Council, receive, suggest, discuss, and vote on ideas for software enhancements and priorities.
  • Identify integration points for ArchivesSpace with other systems (e.g., digital asset management systems, patron and request management systems, etc.)
  • Provide guidance to users on existing migration pathways and identify new pathways as needed.
  • Provide ongoing updates to the technical documentation.
  • In collaboration with the Users Advisory Council, conduct user testing of the application prior to releases.


MemberInstitutionMembership LevelCurrent Term
Valerie Addonizio, Vice Chair ( Systems, Inc.Registered Service ProviderJuly 2021-June 2023*
Jared Campbell ( of California--DavisVery LargeJuly 2020-June 2022*
Alicia Detelich ( UniversityVery LargeJuly 2020-June 2022*
Elizabeth Dunham (Unlicensed) ( State UniversityVery LargeJuly 2021-June 2024
James Griffin ( UniversityVery LargeJuly 2021-June 2023*
Sarit Hand ( Corporate ArchivesSmallJuly 2021-June 2023*
Regine Heberlein (
heberlei@princeton UniversityVery LargeSeptember 2021-June 2024
Randy Kuehn, Chair ( of LouisvilleLargeJuly 2021-June 2023*
Dave Mayo ( UniversityVery LargeJuly 2020-June 2022*

Andrew Morrison (

University of Oxford

Very LargeJuly 2020-June 2022
Austin Munsell ( of Oregon
July 2021-June 2024

Elizabeth Roke (

Emory University

Very LargeJuly 2020-June 2022
Kevin Schlottmann ( UniversityVery LargeJuly 2021-June 2023*

Rachel Searcy (

New York University

Very LargeJuly 2020-June 2022
Jenna Silver ( of IowaVery LargeJuly 2021-June 2024
Tom Steele ( of OklahomaLargeJuly 2021-June 2024

saron tran (

University of Kansas

Very LargeJuly 2020-June 2022

* Indicates that a member has served a previous term on TAC.