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ArchivesSpace-to-DrupalAmerican Academy in Rome
  • Using currently available contributed and custom Drupal modules, this project will provide a mechanism to periodically poll the ArchivesSpace REST interface for newly created and changed archival and digital objects. 
  • Currently, the project uses cURL HTTP (chr), Web Service Data (wsdata), and some glue code to pipe ArchivesSpace-provided JSON formatted objects into Drupal entities. These entities can be formatted, manipulated, and indexed via traditional Drupal methods (Views, Solr, Elastic Search, etc.).
  • Future releases will replace cURL HTTP and Web Service Data with custom Guzzle component requests.
  • There are plans to provide a turnkey Drupal distribution and Docker container (possibly bundled with ArchivesSpace) to support the activities of smaller organizations with limited technical staff and funding.

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staticAidHillel Arnold
  • Jekyll static site generator for archival description serialized in JSON, generated via the ArchivesSpace REST API
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ArchivesSpace/CollectionSpace Search/Authorities/TaggingLitchfield Historical Society
  • Create a user friendly public interface that will provide patrons with a single search portal for the society’s instances of ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace.
  • Integrate social tagging with both databases to enable researchers to add detail to descriptions, as well as create a single external authority file source that will be shared between the databases.
  • Share tools with the open-source community via GitHub; documentation will be made available to facilitate implementation at other institutions using these systems.
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Caltech Archives Integration ToolsCaltech Library
  • cait is a go library wrapping the ArchivesSpace REST API.
  • Includes support for content export .and static website generation tools
  • Manage your content in ArchivesSpace but read and search the public content independent of the status of ArchivesSpace itself.
  • Gives you more options for deployment as well as providing a clean separation of concerns for public/admin uses.
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