Technical Documentation

Description of the Technical Documentation Sub-team

The Technical Documentation sub-team (TechDocs) facilitates maintenance and enhancement of all ArchivesSpace technical documentation.

This page is intended to document the internal processes of the Technical Documentation sub-team to facilitate continuity between terms. It is currently very sparse and will be filled out throughout the remainder of the 2022-2023 term.

Roles and Responsibilities for TechDocs Members

Maintain ArchivesSpace technical documentation in tech-docs Github repository

  • When new versions of ArchivesSpace are released, review release notes and update tech-docs repository, as needed.

  • Identify documentation maintained by other sub-teams, link to it as appropriate, and avoid duplication of effort.

  • Review community-submitted issues and pull requests to the repository.

Solicit feedback and contributions from the community

  • Encourage ArchivesSpace community to submit issues regarding documentation directly to the tech-docs repository or contact sub-team members via email to suggest improvements.

  • Monitor listserv for issues for which further documentation would be helpful, and create the appropriate documentation, or at least a stub for future documentation, in a timely fashion.

Perform outreach and make ArchivesSpace community aware of TechDocs

  • Promote TechDocs work and facilitate broad community knowledge by linking to relevant portions of documentation in listserv responses and other communications.

  • Suggest the inclusion of relevant links to TechDocs within documentation maintained by other sub-teams.

TechDocs Github Repository

About the Repository

The primary source of technical documentation for ArchivesSpace is the archivesspace/tech-docs Github repository (tech-docs repo). A public, more user-friendly version of the content is available at

The technical documentation is openly accessible and does not require ArchivesSpace membership, in contrast to the User Manual available through the ArchivesSpace Help Center. The two sets of documentation were created and are maintained in different environments due to this difference in access, as well as their different audiences.

Access and Permissions

All TechDocs sub-team members should have write permissions to the tech-docs repository. Before the beginning of each term, the sub-team lead should email Christine DiBella with the Github handles of the sub-team members to facilitate access.

Pull Requests