Integrations sub-team

Mission Statement

The Integrations subteam supports the ArchivesSpace community by taking a transparent approach to documenting the integration of systems with the ArchivesSpace application. We facilitate this by:

  • Tracking current integrations and communicating their progress

  • Creating resources that assist members of the ArchivesSpace community with their integration work

  • Liaising between those developing integrations, the ArchivesSpace Program Team and the ArchivesSpace community

  • For specific integrations, determining scope, writing specifications and testing implementations
  • Actively engage with ArchivesSpace community members by answering questions and leading discussions on emails, listservs, and other forms of communication

Roster, 2017-2018

Patrick GalliganRockefeller Archive
Jason LoefflerAmerican Academy in
Dustin StokesAtlas Systems,
Maggie HughesUniversity of California Los
Megan BlairSt. Edward's University South Texas

Max EckardUniversity of