ArchivesSpace Member Match Program

The Member Match program is a new initiative to engage the ArchivesSpace membership community, created and organized by the Member Engagement sub-team of the ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council, with support from the ArchivesSpace Community Engagement Coordinator. The program is intended to be a resource and venue for peer-to-peer support between ArchivesSpace members. For one, year-long term, participants will be matched with a member with whom they can receive and offer professional insight, advice, and comradery. The program will also offer participants the opportunity to engage in exclusive events and enlightening discussions about ArchivesSpace and its active user community. 

Thanks to valuable feedback from the first cohort of Member Match Participants, we’ve implemented the following updates to the program:

  • Monthly Listserv Discussion Topics

    • Each month, a member of the Member Engagement sub-team will reach out to the Member Match listserv to spur discussion and encourage continued engagement between matches.

  • Quarterly Member Match Meet-Ups

    • These will be opportunities for large group socializing as well as the potential for dedicated time to spend with matches in breakout rooms.

  • Option to participate in small group matches of 3 people


The Member Match program engages the ArchivesSpace member community as a resource and venue for peer-to-peer support, comradery, and advice for all things ArchivesSpace, Archives, and beyond. 


Any individual affiliated with an ArchivesSpace member organization is eligible to participate in the ArchivesSpace Member Match program. If you are unsure of your organization’s ArchivesSpace membership status, visit or email

While any individual affiliated with an ArchivesSpace member organization may participate in the ArchivesSpace Member Match, those looking for more general archival or professional mentorship may find the SAA Mentoring Program or the mentorship program of your regional or state archival association more appropriate.

Responsibilities of Member Match Participants

  • The majority of communication between participants will take place virtually with no expectation of in-person meetings unless they would like to do so due to being in close distance and/or attending the same conference.

  • Matches will conduct an initial meeting to lay the groundwork for the relationship going forward in advance of the first cohort meeting with the ArchivesSpace Member Engagement Sub-team.

  • Matches will determine a workable meeting schedule with their match based on availability, interests, and capacity.

  • Matches will encourage each other to actively participate in ArchivesSpace member activities, e.g. webinars, posting to the listserv, serving on committees

  • Matches will provide feedback and guidance regarding strategies, workflows, troubleshooting, and other application-related topics.

  • Matches are willing to be transparent and open in communication, trustworthy, and confidential when necessary.

  • Matches agree to follow the ArchivesSpace Code of Conduct during meetings and activities.

  • Matches agree to notify the Member Engagement sub-team, as soon as known, if there are problems and/or if they need to leave the program.

  • Matches should try to attend as many scheduled Member Match events as possible to network with colleagues in their Member Match cohort.

The Member Match program is not intended to replace other member benefits available to users like training, the ArchivesSpace Help Center, user group listserv or technical support. Participants are not expected to provide their match with training or technical support. If you think that your needs may be better suited by making use of another resource, you can learn more about all member benefits at

Responsibilities of the ArchivesSpace Member Engagement Sub-team

  • Members of the sub-team will thoughtfully review applications received and make decisions that make the best possible matches.

  • Members will respond to questions and issues from matches in a timely manner.

  • Members will be responsible for setting up and conducting cohort meetings, activities, and events throughout the match year.

  • Members will be transparent and open in communication, trustworthy, and confidential when necessary.

To Apply

There is a short application to complete at

Applications should be submitted by April 29th, 2022. Applicants will be notified of their matches no later than June 30th.

All applications will be evaluated by the ArchivesSpace Member Engagement sub-team. We expect to select and notify the cohort of Member Match partners no later than the end of June.

Matches will be made by reviewing application answers and weighting those answers in the following order:

  1. Optional identity preferences

  2. Interests (both ArchivesSpace and non-ArchivesSpace related)

  3. Modules of the ArchivesSpace application that the applicant is or is not familiar with, including technical expertise

  4. The hosting environment of the member’s ArchivesSpace Implementation

  5. The applicant’s institution’s size, location and described work environment

  6. Corresponding answers to all other questions

To Learn More

Please feel free to direct any questions to

A recording of the informational webinar held by the ArchivesSpace Member Engagement Sub-team on March 10, 2021 is available at

ArchivesSpace Member Engagement Sub-team

Bailey Hoffner, University of Oklahoma

Patrick Milhoan, University of Notre Dame

Mary Pedraza, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Sarah Ponichtera, Seton Hall University

Jessica Crouch, ArchivesSpace Community Engagement Coordinator