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While archives are primarily concerned with records with enduring value, records in an organization often move along a continuum from active to inactive to archival. In a records management context, it may be useful to document information about records with archival value early in their lifecycle using enterprise systems specifically designed for that purpose and have the information flow to ArchivesSpace at the appropriate time.

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Date updated: 2022-01-14



Dartmouth College
 Joshua Shaw (
Initially developed by Hudson-Molonglo
Allows staff users to add documents classified as records to be uploaded to OnBase and associated/attached to records in ArchivesSpace. The documents can be retrieved from within the ArchivesSpace staff interface or viewed in OnBase.
Dartmouth uses this to create virtual collection files and can attach documents like deeds of gift, correspondence, etc. to an ArchivesSpace archival object or resource.
Note that the keyword definitions and rules for associating document types are very much institution dependent and will require additional development to conform to a specific institutions OnBase environment and needs.


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Note: Requires enabled ROBI API endpoints in OnBase.
Documentation in GitHub Repo
Supports ArchivesSpace 2.7.0+
Committed to addressing any bugs that might come up and maintaining compatibility with ArchivesSpace as long as Dartmouth continues to use OnBase.




No additional development planned at this time.

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Dartmouth College
Joshua Shaw (