Working Group Notes - Kansas City

Working group

  • Danielle Butler (Central Arkansas Library System)
  • Marcella Huggard (University of Kansas)
  • Miloche Kottman (University of Kansas)
  • Patrice-Andre Prud'homme (Oklahoma State University)
  • Christine Kim (ArchivesSpace)

Working group charge

  • Leading up to forum:
    • Program (and communicate with presenters)
    • Local arrangements
  • At the forum, assist with:
    • Registration table
    • Note takers

Goals, outcomes, objectives of the forum

  • Connecting people in their region
  • Opportunities to hear how others are using ASpace
  • Opportunities to learn new skills in using ASpace
  • Opportunities to work together
  • To meet more people and find out more tips and tricks
  • Large community here using it

Content ideas