As a Repository Manager I need the Related Agents list to be paginated


posted to the ArchivesSpace Users Group by my colleague Peter Collopy:

We’re working on a project at Caltech Library to use ArchivesSpace agent records as our central authority for information on Caltech people and organizations, linking not only to related ArchivesSpace archival object records but also to related records in our other repositories. One piece of this is using Related Agents links to associate Caltech’s administrative units with each other and to associate people with the organization and a whole and with particular departments.

One of the goals of this is that one ought to be able to view the agent record for California Institute of Technology and see a complete list of all the Caltech-affiliated people for which the Caltech Library, including the Archives, has holdings. This will be a long list of people.

My colleague Tommy Keswick is testing this out now, and is finding that the long list is unpaginated, and if it’s very long—about 10,000 records—it overwhelms the browser. This is happening in both the public and staff interfaces.

Other lists of linked records in ArchivesSpace—the records linked to a subject, for example—are paginated to avoid this problem. They display 30 records at a time, with links to view more and a dropdown menu to change sorting. We’re interested in being able to use the same paginated interface for the related agents portion of an agent record.


Randy Kuehn
December 8, 2020, 3:36 PM

Moving to development - recommend adding pagination for other lists where needed

-Dev Pri

Mark Custer
October 21, 2020, 3:04 PM


There are also issues with other linked records (e.g. accessions, classifications, etc.), which are especially problematic when those links exceed 1k or so. I think that making sure that pagination is added for all linked record types in the staff and public interface would be a great way to address these issues.




Tommy Keswick