As an Archivist, I would like the ability to create an RDE template based on a component record


Use case: For example, let’s say you’ve already created a component in ArchivesSpace for Box 2 that has 25 folders. While working on Box 12, you realize it’s almost exactly the same as Box 2 (e.g. same folder titles, different dates, same # of folders).

I’d like to be able to open the record for Box 2 and then click a button that would generate an RDE template that copies all the content from the next level of child records (in this case the 25 folders) into an RDE template which I can either save to reuse for additional boxes or not save but use as a one-time template (i.e. I can go ahead and edit the information and create my Box 12 but it’s not in the list of saved RDE templates).

Note: If the one-time-use option is too difficult/time consuming, just set it up so it’s saved with all the other templates and the user can delete it later.

Best case scenario would be if the _create RDE template button _was only available on component records that have children but if it’s easier to have it on all component records that’ll work too.

This feature should also be made available for Digital Object records.

Bonus use case: An archivist is using RDE to add lots of folders but accidentally sets the type for all elements as "item". They'll be able to call up the component and use the RDE tools to change all the types to folders without having to use the Batch Change feature (much less scary for students).

This request is an enhancement to AR-1076




Miloche Kottman