As head archivist, I want the ability to have two or more processing archivists simultaneously adding Resource Component records using different default resource component values.


When Processing Archivist No. 1 is entering Resource Component data and edits the default values to reduce repetitive data entry, that user is changing the Resource Component Default Values at the repository level, not at their user level [v2.5.2]. So, when Processing Archivist No. 2, working on a totally different Resource, wants to simultaneously enter resource components using different default values, this user is faced with a dilemma; a) make the best of Archivist No. 1’s default values, or, b) change the default values and thereby frustrate Archivist No. 1 by stepping on their default values.

An alternative approach (currently employed) is to allow only one processing archivist into ArchivesSpace at a time. This is inefficient and defeats ArchivesSpace’s ability to manage multiple simultaneous users. Thank you.




Chris S. Ervin

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