ArchivesSpace User Topics Screencast Series

The ArchivesSpace User Screencast Series is designed to help ArchivesSpace users benefit from each other’s expertise in using the application for common tasks. It’s a fun way to supplement and extend the user manual provided to ArchivesSpace members. And as we are offering a $50 honorarium per video accepted for the series, it can be a little bit lucrative too!

If you would like to record a screencast for the series, please follow these basic steps. If you have any questions along the way, please contact Jessica Crouch ( for help.




Creating machine actionable restrictions for container management


Customizing the RDE for either resources or digital objects


Working with the OAI-PMH responder


Working with reports (functional overview)


Working with Classifications (functional overview)


Importing Archival Objects via Excel


Working with Collection Management records (functional overview)


Working with digital object file versions – or very specifically, making an image display in the public user interface


Using the ARKs module in ArchivesSpace (functional overview)


Installing ArchivesSpace on Linux (including MySQL backend)


Installing ArchivesSpace on a Mac (including MySQL backend)


Installing ArchivesSpace on Windows (including MySQL backend)


Running the Archivists' Toolkit to ArchivesSpace migration tool


Running the Archon to ArchivesSpace migration tool


Doing a typical ArchivesSpace upgrade


Performing backups and database recovery


Tuning ArchivesSpace


Basic customizations of the PUI (logo, nav bar, repositories page options)


Setting configurations for the PUI in the config file


Setting up the PUI request functionality


Setting up PUI inheritance


Configuring LDAP or other outside authentication


Deploying under a prefix


Enabling plugins


Changing labels and tooltips using locale files


Changing the language for the interface labels using locale files


Get to know your config file


Get to know your log file


Basics of troubleshooting errors


Running an external Solr