ArchivesSpace Help Center

Access to the ArchivesSpace Help Center is a benefit of ArchivesSpace membership and the Help Center is a private area within this larger Confluence based site.   

If you need assistance managing your Confluence account, visit the Confluence Account Management page.

How to Receive Access to the Help Center (ArchivesSpace members only)

If you do not have a current Confluence account, you will first need to create an account in Confluence to receive access to the Help Center.  You can do this through the Atlassian Confluence Account Creation Page.  You can skip the built-in questions that Atlassian asks during sign up.

We will be notified of this account creation and will grant access to the Help Center.  Because access to the Help Center is a benefit of membership to ArchivesSpace, you will need to create an account using your institutional email address associated with your member organization.  We will activate access to the Help Center when we receive this account creation notice. If you are associated with a member organization but do not have access to an institutional email address, please contact the ArchivesSpace program team at in regards to to creating an account using a personal email address (like gmail).

Granting access to the Help Center is a manual process.  Please allow 2 business days for your permissions to be updated.  If you still have not received access to the Help Center after 2 business days, please contact us at 

Navigating to the Help Center

Once you are logged in, you can access the Help Center through the Space Directory page of Confluence or by clicking this link to the ArchivesSpace Help Center.

While viewing the main ArchivesSpace Confluence page (, navigate to the upper left corner of Confluence and select the Space drop down.

If you have accessed any ArchivesSpace spaces in the past, these will be listed in this drop down as a recent space.

If the Help Center space is not listed, select “View All Spaces” to access the Space Directory page.

Select the ArchivesSpace Help Center. 

To exit the Help Center and return to the main ArchivesSpace wiki, select the ArchivesSpace space in the drop down demonstrated above.

To learn more about navigating the Help Center, view our Help Center Tutorial Video here: