Confluence Account Management

About Your Account 

The ArchivesSpace wiki pages are created using the content collaboration tool Confluence from the software company Atlassian.  We also use the Atlassian tool JIRA to enable the creation of tickets related to ArchivesSpace bugs and feature requests. Most of our wiki and JIRA areas are public and do not require an Atlassian account.

To edit our wiki pages, submit an ArchivesSpace feature request, report a bug or access the ArchivesSpace Help Center, you will need an Atlassian account. Your Atlassian account is free and is not managed by the ArchivesSpace program team.  It is your personal account that exists independently of the Atlassian products you use or Confluence spaces you may participate in. You can use this account to access any ArchivesSpace Confluence sites you have access to, including the main ArchivesSpace page and the ArchivesSpace Help Center.  If you are active on any other Atlassian spaces, this is the same account you will use to access and manage those spaces.  If you already have an Atlassian account but would like to join the main ArchivesSpace page, you can do so here.

Create a Confluence Account

You can create an Atlassian/Confluence account yourself. Follow this link to create a Confluence account and sign into the ArchivesSpace Confluence space.

Select Sign up for an account

Submit your information in the form below

You will receive an email from Atlassian asking that you verify your email address. That's it!   

If you don't see the verification email, check your spam folder for an email from or If you still don't see the verification email, return to the log in screen to resend the email.

Reactivate a Confluence Account

If your account's access to our wikis has been revoked due to inactivity, you will need to contact to have your account access reinstated. 

Reset a Password

If you need to reset your confluence password or if you previously created a confluence account but did not activate your account, visit and select Can't Log In.

You will be directed to the account recovery screen below.

Accessing ArchivesSpace Help Center

If you already have a Confluence account and need assistance accessing the ArchivesSpace Help Center, visit the ArchivesSpace Help Center information page.


If you are unable to create an account via Atlassian or if you have questions about managing your Confluence account, email the ArchivesSpace Program Team at