Plugins and Scripts

Thanks to everyone who has developed and shared a plugin or script. Have a plugin or script you'd like added to this list? Notice a mistake? Login or signup for an account yourself on the wiki to edit this section. Contact Christine ( if you need help.

Homepage / RepositoryDescriptionOwner / Maintainer
ArchivesSpace plugin to expose raw metadata in the public interface
Lyrasis / ArchivesSpace plugin to reroute the frontend and public UI asset pipeline ( needed for Tomcat7)Lyrasis / ArchivesSpace of a customized EAD importer. Not intended to be used directly.Lyrasis / ArchivesSpace of code4lib dev hausLyrasis / ArchivesSpace simple plugins for ArchivesSpace and notes about plugin layout.Steve Majewski new container model for ArchivesSpaceYale University ArchivesSpace plugin that adds support for integrating Yale's ILSYale

This is an ArchivesSpace plugin to extend the advanced search to index and allow searching

on a series of record fields as specified by Yale University

Yale plugin to include a Payments subrecord to AccessionsYale accession identifiers for Yalies.Yale MARC XML -> Accession mappings for YaleYale ArchivesSpace plugin that provides summary reports on Accessions.Yale Yale plugin for describing containers of archival materialsYale plugin to specify default text for selected notes fieldsNational Library of Australia Plug-in Manager Plug-in for ArchivesSpaceHudson Mongolo OCLC bibliographic records and choose which ones to import into ArchivesSpaceYale plugin to add a material types subrecord to Accession recordsYale for Bulk Container OperationsYale plugin to provide additional reportsBrian Hoffman ArchivesSpace plugin to provide OmniAuth/CAS single-sign-on authentication.

Dartmouth College ArchivesSpace scripts to help automate your ArchivesSpace functions. Includes exports, note deletion, and more.Rockefeller Archive Center to evaluate your AS instance for DACS complianceRockefeller Archive Center scripts export updated data from ArchivesSpace and version all data in git.Rockefeller Archive Center adds additional properties and object relationships for DigitalObjects to better represent PBCoredata in ArchivesSpaceWGBH Media Library and Archives a job to the staff interface that generates a sitemap for the PUI.Dartmouth College