Roadmap (as of September 2021)

We aim for three releases per year. If urgent updates are needed in between releases, we may put out an additional release. For 2021-2022, we project releases in August 2021, December 2021, and April 2022.

Work Currently Scheduled through Winter 2022

When work is ready it goes into a release. Sometimes work will be moved to a future release if it is not ready by the time of a scheduled release. More detailed information is available closer to the time of a release.

Spring-Summer 2021

Fall 2021

Winter 2022

  • staff interface upgrades

  • bug fixes and new features from sprints, including

    • accessibility

    • small staff interface functionality improvements

    • small public interface enhancements

  • staff interface upgrades

  • Solr upgrade

  • bug fixes and new features from sprints, including

    • agents feedback

    • custom reports

    • spawning

    • additions to spreadsheet importers

  • staff interface upgrades

  • PDF improvements

  • EAD3 importer

  • bug fixes and new features from sprints, including

    • reports

    • documentation

Brief explanations of scheduled projects:

custom reports: Ability to create and save custom report templates, in addition to the canned reports that come with ArchivesSpace. Customization will be limited to the data elements that can be included and will not involve layout and formatting

EAD3 importer: Review of EAD3 export to ensure it still meets needs. Revision if needed, then mapping and import functionality for EAD3 that mirrors EAD3 export.

PDF improvements: Improve mechanism for public user interface PDF and bring staff and public interface stylesheets closer together. Improve accessibility of PDFs across the application.

spawning: Right now there is a single spawning map for the application and it does not take default values into account. Users would like more control.

Solr upgrade: Moving to a new version of Solr requires a move to non-embedded Solr - there will be both technical work and community communication/education required.

staff interface upgrades: Many infrastructure upgrades that are needed for future staff interface improvements - Bootstrap 4, Rails 6, new date picker, revisit Selenium tests, reviewing Javascript packaging/dependencies

Priorities not currently scheduled for this year, but may be added if resources or community partners become available

  • improvements to public interface search

  • bulk edit

  • multi-language and international standards support

  • users and permissions

  • ARKs

Please note that anti-racism development projects will be scheduled through a different process.