Member Match Tips and Tricks Notes - September 8, 2022 1pm EST


  • Bailey Hoffner, Metadata Archivist for University of Oklahoma Libraries (

    • Intermediate/advanced user

  • Jessica Crouch, Community Engagement Coordinator for ArchivesSpace (

    • Uses ASpace differently than traditional repositories

  • Patrick Milhoan, Vice-Lead of Member Engagement Subteam of the ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council, Head Archivist at the University of Notre Dame (

    • Intermediate/advanced user

    • ASpace is the main collections management system for his archives, used by University Archives and Rare Books and Special Collections, Seeking to use it for Architecture Library Special Collections

  • Regina Carra, Archivist at American Folk Art Museum in New York City, Chair of the User Advisory Council (

    • ASpace is main content management system

    • Intermediate user for what they use it for, which is basic

    • Collect institutional records and special collections

  • Mary Pedraza, Archivist at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Member of ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council on the Member Engagement Subteam (

    • Beginning user

    • Building exhibition and institutional records directly into ASpace, mainly for exhibitions

  • Mariam Yamin, University of Sheffield Library in the UK, Special Collections Heritage and Archive Department (

    • Beginner/intermediate user, been using for couple years

    • Use for all special collections, national fairgrounds circus archives, institutional archives

    • Still working on getting legacy catalogs in

    • Using agent modules/subjects and soon locations

  • Monique Sugimoto, Archivist and Local History Librarian with Palos Verdes Library District (

    • Intermediate user

    • Started out with archivists toolkit

    • Archives of two, her and one other person

    • Use for accessioning records and creating finding aids, for archival collections that come to the local history center

    • When migrated to ASpace, learned about locations and temporary accession numbers, been cleaning up accessions and top containers

  • Christine di Bella, Program Manager for ArchivesSpace (

    • Worked for 8 years in different roles, not involved in member match program, been 8 years since worked with collections directly 

  • Eden Orelove, Technical Services Archivist at Smithsonian Institution (

    • News: announced a job to be her supervisor to manage Aspace at smithsonian and other systems

    • There are 16 archives at smithsonian and 14 use ASpace, have thousands of finding aids, separate DAMS, collections use TMS/Emu, work with everyone

    • Advanced user, done a lot done backend work, just started on User Advisory Council in Documentation Subteam

  • Heidi Pettitt, Director of the Center for Dubuque History at Loras College Center for Dubuque History (

    • Very very beginner, when signed up did not have it, have not been able to use it since got it installed

  • Jennifer Waxman, Head of Collection Management at Tulane University Special Collections in New Orleans (

    • Beginner/intermediate user, used archivists toolkit before, worked in a museum with Emu

    • Hired at Tulane in 2019 to oversee ASpace implementation (which began in 2018), Lyrasis hosts instance, rebuilding their use of the software

    • Implementing locations within whole library stacks collections storage, location identifiers had never been used before, never used shelf numbers for any special collections

    • “TUSC” is the new unified collecting unit 

    • During COVID worked more with data

    • Now, figuring out how to work physically with collections and with system itself, work with assessment module/use airtable with assessment module, legacy issues, interns record locations, lyrasis linking locations to top containers (i.e. the basics)

  • Jennifer Sharp, Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library (

    • Advanced beginner

    • Started using ASpace in January 2020, basically self taught

    • Added a lot of finding aids

    • Recently switched to being hosted by LibraryHost which has made things a whole lot better. 

  • Eric Stoykovich, College Archivist and Manuscript Librarian at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut (

    • Intermediate user, have been working with ASpace for about 3 years

    • Supervise two part-time archival processors who work with ASpace on daily basis

    • Interested in learning more about how to make their ASpace a public tool, have 25 college archives finding aids/90 manuscript collections finding aids, but do not have many outside users, looking for suggestions on taking public presence to a new level

    • Working on cleaning up old data

  • Vivian Lea Solek, Archivist for Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Archives (

    • NOT a religious archives, definitely a corporate archives

    • Beginner/intermediate user

    • Has been working within ASpace community for 5 years

    • Lately working on test imports lately

      • Legacy data is coming from old system, using Harvard plug-in/core cord import, 

    • 7 years working at KofC, facing a re-processing of the archives

      • As collections get reprocessed, taking templates and bringing them into ASpace, legacy data did not include full finding aids

    • Interested in discussing with people who use ASpace for book

  • Linda Hocking, Archivist at Litchfield Historical Society in Litchfield, Connecticut (

    • Started with archon in 2009 and migrated to ASpace with first import tool

    • Have a lot of data cleanup to do

    • Has a part-time worker to help

    • Does not use ASpace nearly as often as would like, issues with remembering how to do things


Tips and Tricks

  1. VivianLea: When using the Harvard load spreadsheet, double check the header across top, make sure top line field names have been deleted or else won’t load

  2. Patrick: His institution has leveraged OAI-PMH and integrated within discovery layer of libraries

  3. Bailey: Aspace Help Center tutorial videos and training recordings

  4. Regina: Utilized help center to create an intern toolkit with page with links to the YouTube videos, allow students to go at their own pace and explore

    1. Working with students, loved inviting students to join in on online forum in the spring, get an idea that everyone uses Aspace a little bit differently

  5. Mariam: User preferences allow you to change columns on search results, order, show suppressed records button

  6. Jennifer Waxman: Has 4 repositories and often need to see everything within a repository/need a specific search, use “” in search to find a specific text information

  7. Bailey: When loading things in using spreadsheet and the one field is wrong for every item, create ghost series called delete, use enable reorder mode and drag edits into the series, then delete the ghost series and re load it in

    1. Monique: all subject files tagged with English tag rather than at collection level

      1. Suggest using new plug in for bulk updating!

  8. VivianLea: If have option to avoid Bailey’s tip, bring data in a test installation, check it and then put it in a good install, AKA a personalized sandbox custom to your institution

  9. Mary: can type in HTML for manipulating appearance of text in free text/description boxes, be sure to avoid typos