Supported Browsers

ArchivesSpace uses a tiered approach to browser support in order to guarantee accessibility to a broad base of users and cutting edge functionality to power users.

Support Tiers

Support TierSupport in Staff Frontend ApplicationSupport in Public Discovery User Interface
GoldUsers can execute all workflow functions, including dynamic record linking and rearrangement through drag and drop UI.Full support of all design and layout.
SilverUsers can perform all basic record editing, reporting, import and export tasks, but may not be able to perform, e.g., dynamic record linking and rearrangement through the drag and drop UI.Good support of design and layout, but some allowance for design elements that degrade or do not render exactly as designed (e.g., a button appearing with angled rather than rounded corners)
BronzeNo support guaranteed. Staff users will receive a message encouraging them to switch to a supported browser.All pages are readable and navigable, but the aesthetic quality of the site may be lowered significantly (e.g., system buttons rather than designed buttons).

Browser Support

BrowserBronze SupportSilver SupportGold Support
Internet Explorer 6-7YesNoNo
Internet Explorer 8+YesYesNo
Internet Explorer 11+YesYesYes
Firefox 7 and belowYesYesNo
Firefox 8+YesYesYes
Safari 4YesNoNo
Safari 5+YesYesYes