TAC/UAC Coordinating Committee

The TAC / UAC Coordinating Committee serves to facilitate sharing of information across the Technical and User Advisory Councils, planning of joint council activities, and feedback from council members for the Governance Board.

The Coordinating Committee consists of:

  • ArchivesSpace Program Manager
  • Technical Advisory Council Chair - and Vice Chair, as appropriate
  • User Advisory Council Chair - and Vice Chair, as appropriate
  • Governance Board liaison to TAC
  • Governance Board liaison to UAC

The ArchivesSpace Technical Lead and the LYRASIS Director of Collections Services & Community Supported Software are also invited to attend all meetings.

The Coordinating Committee meets at least once per quarter, as needed.  


ArchivesSpace TAC/UAC Coordinating Committee—Roster for FY2020/21

Trevor Thornton

Technical Advisory Council

Randy KuehnTechnical Advisory Council

Brittany Newberry

User Advisory Council

Dan Michelson

User Advisory Council
Kat Stefko
ArchivesSpace Governance Board
Christine Di BellaArchivesSpace Program Manager