The following list of ArchivesSpace integrations is maintained by the ArchivesSpace Technical Advisory Council Integrations sub-team. This page will be updated at least once per year as part of an annual review, or as needed. If there is an integration that you would like to add, please submit a response to the ArchivesSpace Integrations Information form.

The ArchivesSpace TAC subcommittee for Integrations has developed the following resources for anyone looking to explore existing and future integrations options with the system. These are merely starting points, please feel free to reach out to Integrations team members for more information.

Add an Integration

Are you working on an integration with ArchivesSpace?  If so, please fill out our ArchivesSpace Integrations Information form so that we can learn more about it. Once submitted, the Integrations sub-team of the Technical Advisory Committee will discuss your work during one of our monthly calls and get it on this page.

The Integrations Team encourages users to browse the ArchivesSpace Awesome List for a list of additional tools and plugins that enhance and extend ArchivesSpace but that do not qualify as full integrations.

Digital Preservation & Archive Systems


Additional Information

CodeDocumentation & SupportOther



Archivematica includes functionality that allows users to associate objects in Archivematica to related objects in ArchivesSpace. Please see the Archivematica documentation for specific details on setup and process.

Included in Archivematica source code on Github

Included in Archivematica User documentation

Supports ArchivesSpace 1.5.3 and later versions. Tested with 2.5, but not yet tested with 2.7+

User community and/or support provided by Artefactual based on service agreement

Recorded Webinar

Brief video overview

Active (including the Rockefeller workflow). Due to the nature of the integration involving three systems, Artefactual does rely on the archivists at Bentley to test and report problems. (The Bentley is also active in fixing issues as community contributors). Artefactual tests the ArchivesSpace integration but does not test the DSpace integration.

No additional development planned at this time.

Preservica logo


Preservica includes functionality that allows users to associate objects in Preservica to related objects in ArchivesSpace. Documentation is available for registered Preservica users and a brief overview of the integration is available.


Supports ArchivesSpace 1.5.0 and later versions. Tested with 2.6, but not yet tested with 2.7+

Support provided through Preservica's support desk as specified in the user agreement.

Recorded Webinar


In process of gathering requirements for v.2 of the integration.

Archive-It logo


A new integration process was outlined in a December 2019 webinar. The plugin and workflow discussed in the webinar was created by The Bentley Historical Library.

Archive-It's internal documentation refers to an older integration provided via a plugin from NYU. The Archivesspace-DO-Plugin includes an endpoint designed for integration with Archive-It. The endpoint generates a json response that provides the title, number of digital objects, and a link to provide a user with more information about a collection for a resource in ArchivesSpace. The URL can be used to create a link between a resource in ArchivesSpace and a see URL that has been archived in Archive-It.


Supports ArchivesSpace 2.5+

Support through Github issues queue and user community

Recorded Webinar


Gathering information for additional functionality.

Content Publication Systems


Additional Information

CodeDocumentation & SupportOther

Hillel Arnold

Jekyll static site generator for archival description serialized in JSON, generated via the ArchivesSpace REST API


VirtualVault (GitHub fork for the Rockefeller Archive Center)

On GitHub


Sample site

In production

Plans to update the Python support

Plans to provider a Docker Image for staticAid

Seth Shaw

Drupal 8 Module for supporting integration with the ArchivesSpace REST API

On the Drupal GitLab

On the Drupal GitLab

Under development (currently an alpha release is offered)


Create a user friendly public interface that will provide patrons with a single search portal for the society’s instances of ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace.

Integrate social tagging with both databases to enable researchers to add detail to descriptions, as well as create a single external authority file source that will be shared between the databases.

On the GitHub Organization

Confluence Documentation

Demo. Site

In production

Enterprise support

Using ArchivesSpace as the master metadata for your archives, Aviary can provide a synchronized access point for audiovisual content in your collections.

Aviary maps metadata from ArchivesSpace and follows digital object version links to construct accessible digital objects for your users to interact with your collections. Aviary completes the process by creating a new digital object in ArchivesSpace so your users can navigate between Aviary and ArchivesSpace with ease.

Users visiting this record in ASpace ( can navigate seamlessly between the description in ASpace and the actual digital content in Aviary (

Aviary subscribers can customize the integration with AVP to ensure the process meets their internal and external needs.

Custom, proprietary

Supports ArchivesSpace 2.4.1 through current 2.7.1.

As organizations who use ASpace request new integrations with Aviary, Aviary will try to develop shared services across all Aviary->ASpace integrations so that it is easier to on ramp new integrations in the future.

AVP offers 24-hour support for Aviary subscribers. Any bugs or system-related issues are resolved as soon as possible. AVP will provide updates to ASpace and Aviary integrations based on changes to ASpace or Aviary platforms.

Webinar slides, recording, etc


There are currently four Aviary->ASpace integrations in production, and one in development with five different organizations.

The integration is a custom integration that is implemented by AVP with guidance from the requesting organization. The integration is custom currently because every group uses ASpace intellectual objects and metadata differently, so there is usually some custom mapping to be done to ensure that the correct ASpace AOs and DOs are mapped to create Aviary resources as desired by the organization.

The integration is developed as a synchronization where Aviary is asked to pull metadata and links to digital content from ASpace based on AO identifiers. These create one-to-one relationships between Aviary Resources and ASpace AOs. Aviary can be asked to resync at any time. Aviary uses the ASpace API to gather the requested metadata and links to digital content.

Reference and Reading Room Systems (Circulation, etc)


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Circa - logo


Trevor Thornton (

A web-based system for managing requests for special collections materials developed by North Carolina State University. The application includes a JSON API, built in Ruby on Rails, and a default front end written in Angular.js (v. 1.6.x).

Circa provides close integration with ArchivesSpace, upon which the application depends for managing containers associated with specific collection components, as well as the location of those containers. It can also support requests for materials described in an ILS.

Circa allows users to import data from ArchivesSpace via the AS API. Currently this requires the user to copy/paste the AS record URI into Circa, which it then uses to make the API request.


Documentation in Git Repo.

Supports ArchivesSpace 2.5+, though not yet tested with v2.7.0+

Support through Github issues queue and user community


Planning changing method for selecting an AS record, using an integrated search/browse component that NCSU has recently developed as a Ruby gem. NCSU will also be updating the front end code to remove a dependency on an older javascript framework.

Ex Libria - Alma - Logo

University of Denver

Kevin Clair (

Based on the Resource record provided by a user, the integrations will perform the following API calls:

  • Check for a BIB with the Resource's MMS ID
  • Check for holdings associated with the BIB identified by that MMS ID

Additionally, the integrations allow a user to add new holdings, create a new BIB record if no MMS ID is present or the provided MMS ID does not match any BIB record in Alma, or sync changes to a Resource in ArchivesSpace with the BIB record uniquely identified by the Resource's MMS ID.


Documentation in Git Repo.

Support through Github issues queue and user community

Active. See Github repo for future plans.

Atlas Systems

Aeon is a request management and workflow software system for archives and special collections.

There are currently three alternative plug-ins for ArchivesSpace to enable end users to order materials they wish to view:

  • One created by Atlas Systems which replaces the standard request button on resource or archival object pages with one that sends information about the record being viewed to the Aeon system.
  • A version of the Atlas plug-in modified by the University of Maryland so that the request button is on the top container pages, so that the details sent to Aeon are of the box.
  • A different plug-in, developed by Hudson-Molonglo for Harvard University, which implements a shopping-basket-style request list in the ArchivesSpace PUI.

Additionally, there is an add-on for the Aeon client to allow staff to view and import information from ArchivesSpace records when dealing with requests.

Documentation in GitHub repositoriesRecorded webinar

Workflow Enhancements & Tracking


Additional Information

CodeDocumentation & SupportOther

Duke University

Noah Huffman creates Trello cards based on ArchivesSpace accession records. The script is designed to be run as a scheduled cron job. When executed, the script will first query the ArchivesSpace API to identify recently created accession records and then it will create Trello cards for those accession records on a specified Trello board and list.


Documentation in Github Repo

Supports ArchivesSpace 2.7.0+

Committed to addressing any bugs that might come up, assuming Duke is still interested in the functionality.


No additional development planned.

intranda GmbH

Goobi is an open-source software suite for managing digitisation workflows.

It has a plugins for importing from library catalogues in various formats. The one for JSON sources can be configured to query the ArchivesSpace API for archival objects and extract relevant metadata fields for digital surrogates.



Document & Records Management


Additional Information

CodeDocumentation & SupportOther
OnBase by Hyland - logo

Dartmouth College

Joshua Shaw (

Initially developed by Hudson-Molonglo

Allows staff users to add documents classified as records to be uploaded to OnBase and associated/attached to records in ArchivesSpace. The documents can be retrieved from within the ArchivesSpace staff interface or viewed in OnBase.

Dartmouth uses this to create virtual collection files and can attach documents like deeds of gift, correspondence, etc to an ArchivesSpace archival object or resource.

Note that the keyword definitions and rules for associating document types are very much institution dependent and will require additional development to conform to a specific institutions OnBase environment and needs.


Note: Requires enabled ROBI API endpoints in OnBase.

Documentation in Github Repo

Supports ArchivesSpace 2.7.0+

Committed to addressing any bugs that might come up and maintaining compatibility with ArchivesSpace as long as Dartmouth continues to use OnBase.


No additional development planned at this time.

Planned Projects

IntegrationOrganizationObjectiveAdditional InformationStatus
CodeDocumentation & SupportOther
StarchiveAmerican Song ArchivesThe objective is to create a digital asset management system with a creative and kinetic interface, allowing for private user workspaces, plus the added benefits of professional archival standards built into the system. This system will allow both staff and users to work within this virtual space in a visually engaging and fun way while also providing a strong and secure backend control offered by ArchivesSpace. The system will ultimately benefit both museum, public history and archives by providing virtual workspace for curation, digital exhibit layouts, archival processing, digital asset metadata projects and virtual research rooms.


Deprecated Projects

IntegrationOrganizationObjectiveAdditional Information

CodeDocumentation & SupportOther
DEPRECATED - Caltech Archives Integration ToolsCaltech Library
  • cait is a go library wrapping the ArchivesSpace REST API.
  • Includes support for content export and static website generation tools
  • Manage your content in ArchivesSpace but read and search the public content independent of the status of ArchivesSpace itself.
  • Gives you more options for deployment as well as providing a clean separation of concerns for public/admin uses.
On GithubOn Github


  • The developer of this project has relayed that "Caltech Archives Integration Tools" (or CAIT) is a dormant project.
  • Using the ArchivesSnake Python library with py_dataset replaces the functionality and the developer does not recommend using this project going forward.