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The following list of ArchivesSpace integrations is maintained by the ArchivesSpace Technical Advisory Council Integrations sub-team.

You may also be interested in the following resources:

Are you working on an integration with ArchivesSpace?  If so, please fill out our ArchivesSpace Integrations Information form so that we can learn more about it. Once submitted, the Integrations sub-team of the Technical Advisory Committee will discuss your work during one of our monthly calls and get it on this page.

Digital Preservation Systems


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ArchivesSpace-Archivematica-DSpace Workflow Integration

Bentley Historical Library
  • Introduce functionality into Archivematica that will permit users to review, appraise, deaccession and arrange content in a new "Appraisal and Arrangement" tab in the system dashboard.
  • Load (and create) ArchivesSpace archival object records in the Archivematica "Appraisal and Arrangement" tab and then drag and drop content onto the appropriate archival objects to define Submission Information Packages (SIPs) that will in turn be described as 'digital objects' in ArchivesSpace and deposited as discrete 'items' in DSpace.
  • Create new archival object and digital object records in ArchivesSpace and associate the latter with DSpace handles to provide URIs/'href' values for <dao> elements in exported EADs.
On GithubComing soon!




ArchivesSpace-Archivematica Integration

Rockefeller Archive Center
  • Introduce functionality into Archivematica that will let users pair digital objects to ArchivesSpace resources/components and automatically generate Digital Objects in AS based on the digital objects.
  • Create Access/Restrict notes based on PREMIS information entered into Archivematica.
  • Automatically pair digital objects to ArchivesSpace resources/components through matching digital filenames and AS ref_ids.
On GithubComing soon!


ArchivesSpace-Preservica Integration

Yale University
  • Introduce functionality into Preservica to manage ingested content according to ArchivesSpace record hierarchies, linked through ArchivesSpace ref_ids.
  • Create linked ArchivesSpace digital records records for materials ingested into Preservica.
  • Enable synchronization of metadata between ArchivesSpace and Preservica for preservation purposes.
ProprietaryComing soon!In-progress

Content Publication Systems


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ArchivesSpace-Drupal Integration

American Academy in Rome
  • Using currently available contributed and custom Drupal modules, this project will provide a mechanism to periodically poll the ArchivesSpace REST interface for newly created and changed archival and digital objects. 
  • Currently, the project uses cURL HTTP (chr), Web Service Data (wsdata), and some glue code to pipe ArchivesSpace-provided JSON formatted objects into Drupal entities. These entities can be formatted, manipulated, and indexed via traditional Drupal methods (Views, Solr, Elastic Search, etc.).
  • Future releases will replace cURL HTTP and Web Service Data with custom Guzzle component requests.
  • There are plans to provide a turnkey Drupal distribution and Docker container (possibly bundled with ArchivesSpace) to support the activities of smaller organizations with limited technical staff and funding.

Coming soon!Coming soon!


Hillel Arnold
  • Jekyll static site generator for archival description serialized in JSON, generated via the ArchivesSpace REST API
On GithubOn GithubIn-progress3

ArchivesSpace-CollectionSpace Integration

Litchfield Historical Society
  • Create a user friendly public interface that will provide patrons with a single search portal for the society’s instances of ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace.
  • Integrate social tagging with both databases to enable researchers to add detail to descriptions, as well as create a single external authority file source that will be shared between the databases.
  • Share tools with the open-source community via GitHub; documentation will be made available to facilitate implementation at other institutions using these systems.
Coming soon!Coming soon!

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Caltech Archives Integration ToolsCaltech Library
  • cait is a go library wrapping the ArchivesSpace REST API.
  • Includes support for content export and static website generation tools
  • Manage your content in ArchivesSpace but read and search the public content independent of the status of ArchivesSpace itself.
  • Gives you more options for deployment as well as providing a clean separation of concerns for public/admin uses.
On GithubOn Github
In-progressOther Community Projects

Import/Export Integrations


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EADCheckerHarvard LibraryAllows archivists to check whether there are issues with their finding aid that would prevent it from ingesting correctly into ArchivesSpace.On GithubOn Github
Completed!Other Community Projects

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ArchivesSpace PreprocessorHarvard LibraryA preprocessor which can run over a large corpus, find and track problems in EAD, and produce amended EAD files to be ingested into ArchivesSpace.On GithubOn Github
In-progressOther Community Projects

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