The Usability Subteam was created in 2019. The subteam develops functional and practical recommendations to the program that streamline navigation, clarify the visual layout, identify accessibility improvements, and enhance the ease of use of the existing program for both the staff and public interface of the ArchivesSpace software application. 

Major Activities of Subteam:

  • In collaboration with the Development Prioritization subteam, investigate and provide supplemental documentation in the form of comments, wireframes, and specifications to existing “usability” Jira tickets in the Bug and Feature Requests boards.
  • Solicit community feedback as necessary including listserv posts, community discussions, and surveys.


Guiding documents/resources:


The Usability subteam meets as a full group for an hour once a month and conducts business outside of meetings via email. Meetings range from 30-60 minutes.

Average time commitment for members approximately 3-4 hours per month.

The average time commitment for chairs is approximately 4 hours per month (including the monthly meeting time).  The chair selects and assigns the tickets, facilitate the meetings, routes the tickets on the kanban boards, and prepare quarterly reports to the UAC chair as requested.

2022-2023 Roster


Kellen Carpenter 

Western Carolina University

Cory Nimer (vice lead)

Brigham Young University
Chris Tanguay
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Althea Topek (lead)Smith College